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African Ancestry

Knowing where you are from is a critical component of knowing who you are!

Our history did not start with slavery, but for many people of African descent, our roots had been lost. Now, with the power of DNA, African Ancestry can help you uncover your ancestral past.

Once you unlock the mystery of your genetic ancestry, your life will never be the same!



Pastor Kenneth Edward Copeland and First Lady Starla Copeland
New Zion Baptist Church, Rockford IL.

pastor_copelandThe entire African Ancestry experience moved me in ways that I cannot adequately express in words. In terms of impact, the unveiling or my ancestral connections ranks right up there with witnessing the birth of my children. The difference was that I was the one being (re)born.

I named my daughter “Abeni” which is Yoruba for “We prayed for her arrival.” She is ten years old now. Nigerians tend to have a natural affinity toward my family and I. To find out definitively that my ancestors are the Yoruba and Hausa people from Nigeria was awe-inspiring. I believe that God was giving me clues all along. It felt like a missing piece of my family puzzle was finally put into place.

Tracing my ancestry was more than a cultural exercise. It is a deeply spiritual event. I believe that God is in this movement. It is no coincidence that the Bible itself focuses much on genealogies.

If you don’t know your heritage you can’t fully know who you are.

If you don’t know who you are someone else will define you.

If someone else defines you they tend to define you in terms that position themselves for power and you for subjugation.

If you don’t know your history you can’t trace the trajectory of God’s plan for your life and His plan for your family.

Now that I know I plan to redouble my efforts to research, strategize and invest my resources in ways that build up my people on this side of the Atlantic and on the other side.

God bless you African Ancestry


Lawrence Turner

US Marine Veteran

I believed in my heart that I was a descendant from the great kings of Africa and the DNA test was going to prove that fact, but when I received my results I was surprised to find out that I was 100% Italian on my fathers side and 100% Mende from Sierra Leone on my mothers. The Italian part is what really surprised me and now I must find out who my family members are in Italy. I also plan to visit my Mende people who live in Sierra Leone/Liberia soon. Because of this service African Ancestry provides – I found out that I am blood related to Isaiah Washington, Maya Angelou, Andrew Young, Ethan Thomas and Rev. Jesse Jackson whom all are descendants of the Mende people of Sierra Leone.

Thanks African Ancerstry this would not be possible without you!!!!.

Semper Fi,

St. Louis, MO.

Nicole McGowan
Detroit, MI

Thank you for assisting me with discovering my family’s history. The swabbing was just as easy as you told me it would be.

I took the video home, and it literally gave me chills, knowing that I too, could trace my mother’s lineage; what an amazing feeling! I am doing this for my mother, my brother, my granny, aunts, uncles, cousins, and anyone else on my mother’s side who is interested in our history.

Thank you so much.


African Ancestry family member


I really felt floored. I was happy to have the results and it changed me a little on how I looked at myself (though I promised myself it wouldn’t, lol). I’m happy to know my ancestry goes back to the Motherland and not some slave owner. I plan on visiting the Motherland (Sierra Leone and Nigeria) when I’m able.


James Bullock


African Ancestry Family Member

I came to this in a round about way. No one in my family talked about family history. There seemed to be a void. The silence spoke volumes. I wondered who we were, where we were from. So I did my own research, and found a brick wall at the 1860’s. Then I saw a TV show on DNA and I was fascinated. Here at last was a way to find out the missing pieces of the puzzle. The staff at African Ancestry was extremely helpful, and answered my questions even though I have a very small brain as far as science goes. I took the test. I am still coming to terms with the results, and their implications. But I feel somehow more whole. Now I have a deep personal connection to my ancestors, their lives and their world. I would encourage everyone to take this test. It is a way to honor our past, and acknowledge their sacrifices. Much of what is possible today would not have been possible 50 years ago. Yet their stories tell us that anything is possible. Thank you so much.

spike_leeSpike Lee
Director, Writer, Producer

The images of Africa that we receive are often limited and negative. So it is not surprising that African Americans don’t have a positive connection to the continent. Now thanks to DNA, African Americans can finally find out what region of Africa their ancestors were from. It was a revelation for me and my family to finally discover part of our ancestry.

African Ancestry family member

Prevailed! Yes, we have prevailed! I would have never thought in a million years that we would be able to find out what country in Africa or the ethnic group our ancestors were from. I just recently received my results, it shows my maternal sequence is – 100% Fulani and Balanta from Guinea-Bissau and my paternal sequence is – 100% Kru and Kpelle from Liberia. I saw a couple photos of the Fulani and my mother looks like a typical Fulani woman with long hair, thin nose and lips, and reddish-brown skin. I was shocked when I saw a picture of some Fulani women who looked just like my grandmother without her glasses!

African Ancestry family member

I recently received MatiClan results that placed my ancestry at two locations–Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau. Armed with this information empowers me to further my research since I am adopted and don’t have another attachment to my birth parents.


blair_underwoodBlair Underwood

Actor AA: How has the knowledge of your African ancestry (that we provided) has impacted you?
Mr. Underwood: It given me a sense of community and satisfied a lifelong curiosity. A welcome surprise that my people are from Nigeria & Ibo people.

AA: Why do you believe this knowledge of ancestry is important?
Mr. Underwood: The knowledge has given me a better understanding of the person I’ve become. I believe our DNA plays a large part. It explains certain characteristics, traits, be it personal, medical or culturally.

AA: What have you done with your African Ancestry results?
Mr: Underwood: Distributed among every Underwood I know and family members at a recent Family Reunion.

Nana Kwaku Yiadom II
Founder & C.E.O., Gateway To West Africa From America World Mission’s Inc.

My Sister, on Sunday I watched you guys on TV ONE and was very impressed with your services connecting our brother and sisters with their heritage. It brought tears to my eyes because someone Black has stepped up to the plate to take shackles off the minds of our people.

It would truly be a blessing and accomplishment to bring our people, especially our youth closer to their roots. Remember, “Where There Is No Vision, The People Will Perish!”


African Ancestry family member

I had already taken the test with the National Genographic Project. I learned that I have a haplo group of L3—but that connects me to something maybe 10,000 years ago or more. I wanted “recent” history, so I took the test with African Ancestry…The letter indicated that I have ties to the Yoruba in Nigeria and the Fulani in Niger.

How did I feel and how do I feel? Euphoric, delighted, humbled, and honored. Euphoric with the excitement of just knowing—-delighted to know that I had genetic ties to Yorubas, a people I know well, as my husband is Yoruba from Nigeria. Humbled, because I know that there was a Yoruba woman from whom a line of women descend down to me, and it is her strength that brought me here, and I felt honored that I have been so privileged to have lived to a time when such things are possible.

I have researched this line for more than 20 years, beginning in Arkansas, back to Mississippi, to Tennessee and to Virginia. This DNA test with African Ancestry has given me the opportunity to look through the Middle Passage, and to now know this one piece of my history and understand that I now have a tie to place that I can call home. It is not just the land and home of my husband’s family—-it is also a place that I can call home.

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