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Appointment and Installation of The Ebumawe

The Resuscitation of the Ebumawe ChieftaincyOba Adenugba gray
The first thing which the people of Ago-Iwoye did was first of all to be unanimous that the Ebumawe Chieftaincy should be resuscitated. All the different townships having agreed on this point, a petition was addressed to the Awujale on the 14th December 1927, during the Baleship of ADENOWO, a copy of which is attached.

Several reminders were sent later on until P.Amaury Talbot, Esq…, The Resident of Ijebu Province came to Ago-Iwoye in March 1929, and summoning the towns people together, asked them several questions. All the towns people, including Bale Adenowo said that they were quite willing that the Ebumawe Chieftaincy should be resuscitated. The Bale furthermore answered the Resident that the rank of the Ebumawe was superior to his (The Bale’s). He (The Resident) was shown the sceptre.

In a reply to the next reminder after his visit, the resident wrote as follows, view downloadable copy of letter below:


P.Amaury Talbot, Esq letter re Resuscitation of Ebumawe.pdf

Early in 1931, Adenowo the Bale died and the townspeople petitioned the Awujale that the Chieftancy should be approved for resuscitation, so that the successor to the late Bale Adenowo might be Ebumawe.

While the judiciary Council still procrastinated, the Odunusi Quarter People attempted to install  a Bale as it was their turn to do so. The rest of the townspeople protested and on the visit of H. T. B. Dew Esq.., the Resident, Ijebu Province, to Ago-Iwoye, the townspeople urged that the Ebumawe Chieftancy be resuscitated, and that the claim of the Odunusi People be set aside.

On the 27th May 1931, the Judicial council formally approved the resuscitation of the Ebumawe Chieftancy and the appointment of AKADI ADENUGBA as the first Ebumawe at Ago-Iwoye. With the approval of the Awujale, Alli Ogunaike, the Ebumawe 11new Ebumawe went to “ODO” (a place for performing the preliminary ceremonies prior to the coronation of a king) on 24th October, 1932.

All the ceremonies for a crown king including the changing of the site of the market during his stay at ODO, were performed for him; and on his return he was accorded the State Umbrella used for Crown King and the beaded necklace. All these things were done constitutionally.

Before the time fixed for the coronation, Alli Ogunaike died, and the coronation had to be postponed until the next Awujale was formally installed.  1933 to 2nd February, 1944 (When The Ebumawe Akadi Adenugba died) can fitly be described as ELEVEN TERRIBLE WINTERS FOR THE EBUMAWE’S CROWN.

One event after another prevented the present Awujale from granting his sanction for the coronation.

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