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My Story by Oba Ebumawe of Agoiwoye

My Story: The Biography of HRH A.A.A. Adenugba Okokodana-Meji 11, Oba Ebumawe of Agoiwoye.   My relationship with Oba Adesina Adenugba dates back to 1977 when our paths crossed in Ikorodu. I was a worker at Oruwu College and he, a student at Government Teachers’ Training College. We lived at 17, …

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Southern Nigeria Prepare For Independence

Time For Reflection A video profiling the people, culture, history and economy of south-west and south-east of Nigeria as they prepare for independence. Also shows the 1960 independence celebrations.   It is time to look back at Nigeria As A Nation so that we can find our way forward. When …

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