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My Story by Oba Ebumawe of Agoiwoye

My Story: The Biography of HRH A.A.A. Adenugba Okokodana-Meji 11, Oba Ebumawe of Agoiwoye.   My relationship with Oba Adesina Adenugba dates back to 1977 when our paths crossed in Ikorodu. I was a worker at Oruwu College and he, a student at Government Teachers’ Training College. We lived at 17, …

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Appointment and Installation of The Ebumawe

The Resuscitation of the Ebumawe Chieftaincy The first thing which the people of Ago-Iwoye did was first of all to be unanimous that the Ebumawe Chieftaincy should be resuscitated. All the different townships having agreed on this point, a petition was addressed to the Awujale on the 14th December 1927, …

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18th – 20th Century

Groups and Union Names Period Egbe Basale 1777 Egbe Lowuru 1781 Egbe Legbeta 1785 Egbe Ile Segun 1789 Egbe Motukoya 1793 Egbe Ile Sanya 1801 Egbe Ile Sewo 1805 Egbe Ile Ikanigbo 1809 Egbe Modaragun 1813 Egbe Botewa 1817 Egbe Kotetan 1821 Egbe Otekase 1825 Egbe Kele 1829 Egbe Mayegun …

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Agoiwoye Bale and Balogun

From Balogun to Bale After the Ijebu Expedition of 1982, the commandant of the Expedition and some soldiers visited Ago-Iwoye by Oru way. The first Balogun they saw was AINA ERUKU of Idode who on being asked where the Bale was, directed them to the residence of OGUNFOWODU who was …

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