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Contention Over Mamu

No history of Ago-Iwoye will be complete without particular reference to Mamu

Mamu is that portion of Ago-Iwoye land which is bounded on the north-east by Ibadan land. It is a a city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work in the country of Nigeria. Its center lies at a latitude of 7.0833300 and longitude of 3.9166700and it has an elevation of 95 meters above sea level.Ijebu North 11

The early settlers were the ex-slaves of Ago-iwoye people.  Later on Mamu began to develop into a town and people from various parts of Ijebu land began to settle there. But Ago-Iwoye was still responsible for doing all that were required to be done at Mamu and for collection of the tax there. The Bale of Mamu was always appointed by Ago-Iwoye and he owed allegiance to Ago-iwoye. The Bale was a member of Ago-iwoye native court.

The trouble about the ownership of Mamu started when Oba Daniel Adesanya Gbelegbuwa 11, the Awujale of Ijebu land came to the throne in 1933, and the Ijebu-Ode settlers at Mamu petitioned him that they wanted to pay their tax direct to ijebu-Ode instead of paying it to Ago-iwoye. In order to grant them their request, the Awujale started to claim Mamu as a state land. When the Resident Ijebu Province attended Ago-iwoye Town Council meeting on the 11th February 1936, he conveyed…… to be continued.

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