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History Discovered

History Discovered

I shall go back now to Ebumawe Chieftaincy question. For eleven years, Oba Daniel Adesanya, Gbelegbuwa !!, the Awujale of Ijebu land gave one reason or the other as to why either he had not yet had time to study the Ebumawe Chieftaincy question or why he could not allow the Ebumawe to wear a crown.

We call these the “Eleven Terrible Winters” because we were put in a state of suspense all the time. At one time, we delegated the Rev. M. O. Bada to take up the duty and  persuade the Awujale to grant our request. For three or more years, Rev Bada did his best, but failed. Then three of us, the present Ebumawe who was the secretary of Ago-Iwoye Progress Union, Mr. Samuael O. Onalaja and myself (Chief J O Ajibola) were appointed to carry on the business.

In 1936 I, (Chief J O Ajibola) happened to take my sports team from Ijebu-Ode Grammar School to Ondo for the Aionian Sports. While at Ondo I heard the name of a place at Ondo then called Odoko. I was curious to know something about Idoko because the Ebumawe was always referred to as “Ebumawe Idoko”.

When the sports were over, I waited behind to find out something about Idoko. The late Rev. Canon M. C. Adeyemi, the principal of Ondo Boys High School assisted me in getting some chiefs to tell me something about Idoko. What I was able to get then was not sufficient.

I had to go to Ondo twice later and finally about 1942 or 1943 when the Rt. Rev. Bishop A. B. Akinyele was there. It was then that I was able to find out fully that at one time Oduduwa had a wife who gave birth to twins. As twins were not allowed to live in those days, he did send them to Idoko with their mother for protection. The Idoko people themselves were never accustomed to allowing twins to live. They therefore called these twins mysterious beings, Ese (the female) and Ebu (the male). But as they were the children of Oduduwa, they were allowed to live. The female became the first Osemawe of Ondo, while the male traveled southward.

I came back to Ijebu to complete the nexus. From Ijebu I discovered that the Ebumawe came from Idoko, and traveled to a place called Ibipe.

When I had got some of these facts, I went to inform our father – the Rev. M. O. Dada. He was then the superintendent of Olowogbowo Methodist Circuit, Lagos and he assisted me to complete it. He then came to me at Abeokuta and we drafted a petition and forwarded it to the Awujale and the resident with copies to the Rev. W. F. Mellor and the Osemawe of Ondo arguing that since the Osemawe was a crown king, his twin brother must also be a crown king.

Here is a reproduction of, The History of the Ebumawe Royal Dynasty which we attached to that petition.

Reference: A Brief history of Ago-Iwoye, Chief J O Ajibola.

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