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Proof To Royalty

The First Attempt To Resuscitate The Ebumawe Chieftaincy at Ago-Iwoye

All the crowns worn by the former Ebumawes had been destroyed by fire. Our people at Ibipe went to purchase some old crowns at Ijebu-Ode. When the day for the injury was near, I came from Ibadan and I demanded to see what symbols of royalty our people were ready to present. I was taken to a  place and shown two or three old crowns. I told them that these would defeat our purpose because any intelligent person would see that these crowns could not have been as old as 100 years.

I asked if there was any other symbol, I was taken to a house at Ibipe where the real sceptre of an Ebumawe already scorched with fire was kept. But any body seeing it must know that this was really the sceptre of an  ancient king because it had all the signs of royalty on it. I told our people not to tamper with it by way of cleaning it but to leave it like that and show that alone to the Resident or District Officer whenever he came to Ago-Iwoye.

Early in March 1929, the Resident in the person of Mr P Amaury Talbot came to Ago-Iwoye and the Ibipe people presented to him this sceptre. I was told that the representatives of the people who presented the sceptre to him were:

  1. Asani Naiya Amadeni
  2. Buraimoh Osiyemi
  3. Matilda Ajibola

The Resident asked them to leave it with him for one hour and come back to collect it. When the people came back to collect it, he told them what is contained in the following archived letter which he wrote later.



By Late Chief J O Ajibola (History of Agoiwoye)

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