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  • Online Research Catalogue!
  • Research Publication Series!
  • Online Catalogue!
  • Family History!
  • Discovery and Artifacts!
  • Articles, Books, and etceteras !

Is very much required.

Knowledge dies when not shared,Dr Bade Ogundipe, UCH Ibadan, Nigeria 2013.

The rare history and heritage of black people should not go down the drain. “Agoiwoye The legend” is a portal to showcase their/your work or that information you are privy of. Drop us a line or forward your extract to us at admin@agoiwoye.org


Ago-Iwoye Milestones

Our main aim at “AGOIWOYE THE LEGEND” is to preserve our history for the benefit of the next generation, through the publication of the on our website.

  • Historical Figures!
  • Notable Ago-iwoye Statesmen and women!
  • Agoiwoye First Successors!
  • Person(s) worthy of recognition!
  • Kings, Balogun and Bale!

You will agree with us that their records, achievements and names must be honored and preserved. Collectively we can achieve this aim.

If you have information on person or persons that fits the above description; please forward their picture, achievements and bio to us for upload at admin@agoiwoye.org.

Thank you.

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