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Southern Nigeria Prepare For Independence

Time For Reflection

A video profiling the people, culture, history and economy of south-west and south-east of Nigeria as they prepare for independence. Also shows the 1960 independence celebrations.


It is time to look back at Nigeria As A Nation so that we can find our way forward.

When you consider the current state of affairs in Nigeria, the state of economic chaos, the degradation in every sphere of our lives, politics, health and the socio-economic status of its citizens, it is just right to look back at what Nigeria was. What its noble men achieved, what our leaders should have done going forward. What greedy past and present politicians, statesmen, leaders and people in our midst turned Nigeria into and what the current generation especially the youths in our midst must do to convert the tide to what Nigeria should and can be.

In the light of the above, we will feature in sequence audios and videos of Nigeria during the 1960s. We hope it will be a time of reflection for us all and a time to commit to social change.

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