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My Story by Oba Ebumawe of Agoiwoye

My Story: The Biography of HRH A.A.A. Adenugba

Okokodana-Meji 11, Oba Ebumawe of Agoiwoye.


My relationship with Oba Adesina Adenugba dates back to 1977 when our paths crossed in Ikorodu. I was a worker at Oruwu College and he, a student at Government Teachers’ Training College. We lived at 17, Ireshe Road and I knew not what the future held for us let alone knowing that I was sharing the same bed with a future royal father.  That relationship is thirty-seven years old and still very strong.  
However, on January 30, 2013, a call came through to me from Kabiyesi requesting that I should see him. When I did, he told me of his plan to write his biography and I will be the author. My choice was perhaps informed by his presence at the launch of my books on Chief Olabisi Onabanjo in 2008 and Chief Bisi Rodipe in 2009. He had graciously obliged my invitation to the events as my royal father.
We struck an agreement on the modality for the production of the book. Altogether, we had eight interview sessions which, quite understandably, were herculean given Kabiyesi’s  busy schedule. Most times, the sessions were interrupted by several telephone calls and also had to answer to Awujale’s invitations. At the end of it all, we produced the book, MY STORY. It is a great honour to be adjudged worthy of being part of Kabiyesi’s decade anniversary on the Ebumawe throne.  I sincerely believe that you will find Oba Abul-Rasaq Adenugba’s Story quite interesting and revealing.
 Femi Odugbose

Purchase Price: $10.00  or  N5000 (Nigeria)

Availability: My Story can be obtained directly from the Kabiyesi or from the publishers.

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