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Things You Want to Know About Psychiatric Medications But Didn’t Know Who (or How) to Ask

Psychiatric medications are among the most frequently-prescribed medications in this country and throughout the world. One in 10 Americans takes an anti-depressant. Yet despite the incessant barrage of multi-media drug promotions, you may not have the answers to the questions you most want answered. I asked more than a dozen …

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Bitter Melon Could Hinder Survival Of Prostrate Cancer

A fruit commonly consumed in Asian countries could also play an important role in fighting cancer, according to a new study in mice. Researchers from the University of Colorado Cancer Center found that the juice of the bitter melon — a green squash-shaped produce with a bumpy skin — could …

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Knowledge Is Wealth

AGOIWOYE.ORG HEALTH Because We Care Knowledge is Health and Wealth Diseases that others read about like, Measles, Cholera, Tuberculosis to mention a few are now prevalent in Nigeria. Medical Situations, like Food Poisoning, Asthma, Malaria, Heart Problems, Motor Accidents, Child Birth or Common Flu does not mean You have to …

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Nuclear Accident

Exposure to moderate levels of radiation – above one gray (the standard measure of absorbed radiation) – can result in radiation sickness, which produces a range of symptoms. Nausea and vomiting often begin within hours of exposure, followed by diarrhoea, headaches and fever. After the first round of symptoms, there …

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