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What Caused The Scamble For Africa

The Scramble for Africa (1880-1900) was a period of rapid colonization of the African continent by European powers. But it wouldn’t have happened except for the particular economic, social, and military evolution Europe was going through. Before the Scramble for Africa — Europeans in Africa up to the 1880s By …

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Sanya Dojo Onabamiro: Scientist and Statesman (1913 – 1985)

Nigerian Copepodologist and Statesman For some decades, I have been interested in the history of the study of copepods (small crustaceans in oceans and fresh water).  When one of my colleagues asked me for biographical information on Sanya Onabamiro we were both surprised that there was so little material readily …

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Minister attributes problems in the education sector to past neglect

Problems in the Education Sector By Iliyasu Musa, Abuja–Monday, February 27, 2006–The Minister of Education, Mrs. Chinwe Nora Obaji has said that the problems experienced in the education sector in Nigeria now were products of neglect it suffered before the Obasanjo’s administration came into office in 1999. Mrs. Obaji said …

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First Indigenes to Achieve Significant Success

THE NAMES OF THE FIRST AGO-IWOYE SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN ONE IMPORTANT ENTERPRISE OR ANOTHER NAMES YEAR ACHIEVEMENT M. O . Dada, O.B. E. 1919 The First ordained Minister of Religion. He entered the ministry in 1919 and was the first and only African Chairman of the …

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Egbe Gbobaniyi

Egbe Gbobaniyi EGBE GBOBANIYI AGO-IWOYE (1962-1964) The name Gbobaniyi is in alignment with Awujale status. The name was generally accepted to the entire Ijebu Land. The membership of Egbe Gbobaniyi, Ago-Iwoye is opened to all Ago-Iwoye Indigenes born between 1st January, 1962 and 31st December 1964, irrespective of profession, religion …

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Present Day Achievers

THE NAMES OF THE AGO-IWOYE SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN ONE IMPORTANT ENTERPRISE OR ANOTHER Name Year Achievement Chief Mrs. Florence Adeyinka Ogundipe nee Obajimi Fondly known as Mama Nurse or Mama Mamu. She passed away on the 1st of March 2012. Mrs Ogundipe was a well loved, …

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The Reality of a Yoruba Country

The Reality of a Yoruba Country Today, the mainstream Yorubas struggling to become an independent nation, was in 1914 arbitrarily merged with other ethnic groups of the Southern and Northern protectorates to become Nigeria. Yorubaland had earlier been divided between British and French colonialists. Yoruba people, the largest homogenous ethnic …

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Ago-Iwoye: A mini Nigeria where students have their own Aso Rock

Ago-Iwoye: A mini-Nigeria where students have their own Aso Rock By Maurice Archibong – An adage has it that “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. Could this be the reason a king-designate wished the cup be taken away from him? In any case, even before being crowned, at …

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